English Writing Course

Oct, 2018


Course Description:

Do you want to write attractively and without any grammatical errors?

Join in our Writing course and get trained on all the important grammatical rules to write accurately without any mistakes.

Though you are a student or a professional, if your writings have some grammatical errors, it adds a negative impression on you and your work.

After completing this course, you are going to become an expert in writing attractive sentences or articles etc. You can write precisely without any grammatical errors. Boost up your Confidence with our assistance.



  • Intension to reach your goal, commitment, regularity and time
  • A computer/laptop/Mobile with good headphones and hassle free Internet.
  • Focused 6 hours weekly without any disturbances
  • Positive attitude
  • Spending time to practice (which can be done at Adrobook itself)



After completing the course, a test is conducted on all the covered topics. A certificate is also provided by Adrobook based on your performance.

Your performance is measured based on your perfection of the learned topics.

The Rank you get decides whether you are

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Skillful


What are your benefits?

  • You are going to learn the most important words that are present in the English language.
  • The most important equations are going to be taught to you and you are going to be instructed how to write with these equations in real time.
  • A PDF material is provided to all the students after completing the course for your reference.
  • Practice sessions are conducted in which the students can participate and can enhance their perfection.
  • Practical learning by considering the live examples
  • Over 70 hours content is provided to the students.
  • You can become a perfect writer


Writing Sessions:

Anybody can write but accurate writing is what grabs the attention. Writing accurately doesn’t just mean writing an error-free content. It is just the start. The content of the article should be pertinent to the subject. Readers must find the topic comprehensive.

Adrobook provides writing sessions to the students who want to enhance their writing skills. When you are drafting a mail or writing something officially, if your writing has no errors and it is attractive, it shows your professionalism.

Adrobook conducts theory sessions first and then puts some writing tests to the students based on the theory sessions or the topics that are covered in the theory sessions.

The students who listen to the theory sessions and remember all the topics can write and perform well in the tests. If the performance is good, you will become a good writer.

Adrobook conducts writing sessions where the candidates will be put through 3 phases that’ll help improve. They are

  • Analyzing the writing
  • Theoretical explanation
  • Practical writing

A team of experts will go through the writing samples of the individuals and draw conclusions based on that. The minute errors and the major letups will all be noticed.

A Theoretical explanation is where the candidates are lectured as to how they can get over their mistakes and perfect the art of writing. The students are handed down specialized notes pointing out their mistakes and how to improve on them.

Practical writing is putting everything into practice. Learning and observing can only take you so far. Doing something over and over again will naturally churn out the mistakes. That is exactly the purpose of practical writing.

Practical writing is not mandatory. It is by choice.

The candidates who get through the aforementioned phases will have a solid base to produce the elite level content.



Content Writing Training – Enhance your writing skills to find your niche in the industry

Content writing has emerged as one of the most sought-after professions in the modern day. This is all down to the fact that content is the king and everything pivots around it.

Content writing is an art that can be mastered with time

The Content Writing Evolution

The training is carried out in various stages such as an introduction to writing, research, guidelines, plagiarism, effective content, error-free content, proofreading, and editing.

The candidate will make the jump to the next stage only if found to be competent in the previous stage. Some may need that extra push and that’s what we do. We push, we persevere and we eventually grind it out.

Adrobook has a content writing team that has an ample amount of experience in the field, good enough to predict and cater for the changes before they happen.

Course Content

Time: 35 weeks

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