Basic Spoken English

Basic Spoken English Course
Oct, 2018


Course Description:

Are you at a beginning stage? Stop worrying and join in our Basic spoken English Course.

After completing this course, though you are at the beginning stage, you can manage to speak in English. You can write basically without any grammatical errors. Boost up your Confidence with our assistance.


  • Intension to reach your goal, commitment, regularity and time
  • It is not required to have previous knowledge.
  • A computer/laptop/Mobile with good headphones and hassle free Internet.
  • Focused 6 hours weekly without any disturbances
  • Positive attitude
  • Spending time to practice (which can be done at Adrobook itself)


After completing the course, a test is conducted on all the covered topics. A certificate is also provided by Adrobook based on your performance.Your performance is measured based on your perfection of the learned topics.

The Rank you get decides whether you are

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Skillful

What are your benefits?

  • You are going to learn the most important words (Vocabulary) that are present in the English language.
  • The most important equations are going to be taught to you and you are going to be instructed how to use these equations in real time.
  • A PDF material is provided to all the students after completing the course for your reference.
  • Practice sessions are conducted in which the students can participate and can enhance their perfection.
  • Practical learning by considering the live examples
  • If you miss out any session, a recording is going to be sent.
  • Over 70 hours content is provided to the students.

Improve your communication to gain freedom of expression

The training is split into two categories i.e. basic and advanced based on the necessity of the candidate in question.

Basic – The Building Blocks

The candidates undergo training in the hands of an experienced grammarian whose primary goal is to bring about change and thus results.

Basic training, in essence, is introducing students to the art of speaking. In the Basic English, the students get trained by a certified Adrobook Grammarian on some equations or formulas and sentence framing etc. With this assistance, the students can express their thoughts with freedom.

Students will be put through the paces in terms of conducting tests on a daily basis. Adrobook’s grammarian assesses the test results observing the trajectory of students.

Speaking Sessions:

A unique opportunity is provided to the students to obtain the results. The students have a speaking session up their sleeve if they want to exercise the option. The session is carried out by the grammarian who explains a designed story in the mother tongue of the respective student.

The student will then be asked to explain the story in English and the grammarian corrects the mistakes if any.

This improves the speaking ability of the student under pressure which will come in handy in future times.

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Course Content

Time: 30 days

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