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English Vocabulary


About this course

English Vocabulary Course

One can speak English if and only if he or she has a list of words in his or her bucket. So, if you are planning to learn English online, vocabulary plays a major role. You can express your thoughts in the form of speech or in written only when you have the rights words stored in your memory. Therefore, English vocabulary course online helps you to collect the words so that you can use them and frame the perfect sentences.


Words, idioms, and phrases come under this online English vocabulary course and thus, developing your vocabulary will benefit you in many ways. It enables you to speak and write English with the correct framing of sentences and with the use of more relevant words based on your thoughts. Most of the people feel difficult to memorize the words as they have not used them before.


The top certified English grammarians are here with you to help you in getting out of this situation. They have come up with new techniques and outcome-oriented activities through which you can memorize the high-density words and phrases with no effort. Good English vocabulary skills will even help you in competitive exams like TOEFL and IELTS which leads a path for your better career. 

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What You’ll Learn

Techniques to learn and memorize various English words, phrases, and idioms. You will also learn to use them in your speech and in written by framing proper and more effective sentences. Activities and go-through experiences in online English vocabulary training help you to remember the English words with zero efforts.


Learn various English words and the way of pronouncing them correctly. Dedication and application of the right techniques will help you to achieve your goal in learning the English language.


You will be discussing the various situations based on the meaning of a particular word and then frame the different sentences. It will also help you to use the words in the right way while communicating with your friends and family.


Get to know or try to pick the unknown English words while reading or listening to any podcasts. Know the meaning and pronunciation and discuss the situations related to the words so that you can easily frame the sentences and remember them in the future.


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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  • Shahina Athar

    Adrobook’s Online English Vocabulary course made me learn English in an effective way. It is 100% true that good vocabulary knowledge helps you to communicate better. Thank you for such valuable lessons and interesting sessions.

  • Shreyash Pukale.

    Whenever I was trying to speak English, I was taking much time to collect words in my mind. Adrobook helped me to improve my vocabulary skills so that I can speak English with confidence. Thanks Adrobook.

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