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Advanced Spoken English

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Advanced Spoken English


About this course

Are you worrying about your fluency or Grammatical errors in your speech? Stop worrying and join in our Advanced communication Course. 

Learn to speak English confidently with your clients or colleagues or superiors and thus, enhance your personality.Living in this highly competitive scenario and in order to sustain in the corporate world, you need to be very fluent in English speaking. Some of you might be fair good enough to speak in English but there will be some grammatical errors that you are unaware of. Thus, it is very important to develop and excel in your English language skills to stand out from the competition and this can be achieved with your presence in the advanced spoken English classes online.


With the basic online English speaking classes, you might be subjected to some basic methods of English speaking. In order to speak flawlessly and to create that first good impression on your personality, you need to polish your skillset and reach the next level of English speaking. Thus, Adrobook is here with the advanced spoken English course online to shape and elevate your skills with some advanced level techniques. 


In order to be employable and to grab many more career opportunities, you should be fluent in English speaking and able to create that first impression in the mind of the interviewer. Furthermore, the certified grammarians in this advanced spoken English training online will guide you in high vocabulary usage and pronunciation of certain words which will enhance your fluency. Interacting and communicating with these top English professionals will help you to attain the level of fluency in English speaking. 

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  • Intension to reach your goal, commitment, regularity and time
  • A computer/laptop/Mobile with good headphones and the hassle-free Internet.
  • Focused 6 hours weekly without any disturbances
  • Positive attitude
  • Spending time to practice (which can be done at Adrobook itself)
  • You are going to learn the most important words and advanced vocabulary that are present in the English language.
  • The most important and complicated equations are going to be taught to you and you are going to be instructed how to use these equations in real-time.
  • A flawless and fluent speech is going to be attained.
  • You can express your knowledge effectively in the interviews, attend meetings confidently.
  • Professionals and Superiors can speak even more confidently by knowing all the grammatical rules that are present in the English grammar.
  • You can attend to the tests that are related to the English language like IELTS, GRE, etc.
  • A PDF material is provided to all the students after completing the course for your reference.
  • Practice sessions are conducted in which the students can participate and can enhance their perfection.
  • Practical learning by considering the live examples
  • Over 70 hours of content is provided to the students.
  • After completion of this Advanced English speaking course online, you will be mastered in the English Grammar. You will be able to frame the sentences perfectly and attract the audience with your fluent English speaking.

After completing this Online Advanced spoken English course, a test is conducted on all the covered topics. A certificate is also provided by Adrobook based on your performance.

Your performance is measured based on your perfection of the learned topics.

The Rank you get decides whether you are

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Skillful


What You’ll Learn

You will be able to speak English fluently and interact with your co-workers professionally and confidently. With the advanced English speaking classes, you will learn the right pronunciation and high vocabulary usage in your communication and thus, master in the English language.


Use of high-density words in your speech and pronouncing them in the perfect way. Framing the sentence with zero grammatical errors and speak English fluently.


The certified English grammarians will conduct interactive sessions and activities and enable you to use high vocabulary words & also provide feedback on your mistakes.


Listen to the right pronunciation from the native speakers and practice them regularly. Speak in English with your friends and co-workers and develop professional English speaking.


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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See what learners said
  • Priyal Naik

    Though I had good technical knowledge after my Engineering, I was unable to get a job due to poor communication skills. So, to enhance my fluency in English speaking, I have joined online English course from Adrobook. I have improved my communication skills to a greater extent and also, got a job in the top MNC Company. Adrobook is the best platform.

  • Ajinkya Shah

    I was able to write and read English but when it comes to English speaking, I was unable to utter a word in front of my class or audience. So, to improve my confidence level and communication skills, I have joined the Advanced English Speaking Course. Now, I can fluently speak English with the right pronunciation and deliver my speech with confidence.

  • Priti Adepu

    I was graduated but poor in English communication skills. So, I have joined Adrobook’s Advanced Spoken English Course. With the interactive English sessions and Grammar concepts, I have learned to speak English fluently and confidently.

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